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C1 High Mag and Wide-Field Telescopes
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These live sky charts show the sky overhead each observatory at the time you're viewing the page. If you see the Sun symbol on the chart, it means it's daytime at the observatory. You can match what you see in the sky charts to the live AllSky cameras that take continuous images of the skies over the observatories.

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  • March 23, 2017
    Sunday, 3/26: Cloudy
    Monday, 3/27: Clear
    Tuesday, 3/28: Light clouds to partly cloudy skies
    Wednesday, 3/29: Clear
    Thursday, 3/23: Light clouds
    Friday, 3/24: Light clouds to partly cloudy skies
    Saturday, 3/25: Light clouds to partly cloudy skies
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  • C1 High Magnification System:

    Type: Schmidt-Cassegrain Catadioptric Telescope
    Effective Aperture: 355.6mm (14")
    Nominal Focal Length: 3910mm (154")
    Nominal Focal Ratio: f/11
    Field-of-View (FOV): 31×21 arc-minutes

    CCD Camera: SBIG STL-11000M (Kodak KAI-11000 CCD)
    Resolution: 4,008×2,672 pixels (binned 1×1)
    Pixel Size: 9x9μm
    Peak QE: 42%
    Filters: Luminance, Red, Green, Blue, Clear

    Image Scale: 0.47 arcseconds/pixel (binned 1x1)
    North Angle: 0° (North-Up)
    Angular Size: 0° 31' 18" x 0° 20' 51" (Field-Of-View)

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C1HM System specification
  • C1 Wide-Field System:

    Type: Apochromatic Refractor Telescope
    Effective Aperture: 90mm (3.4")
    Nominal Focal Length: 405mm (16")
    Nominal Focal Ratio: f/4.5
    Field of View: 1.4×1.0 degrees

    CCD Camera: SBIG ST-2000XM (Kodak KAI-2020 CCD)
    Camera Resolution: 1,600×1,200 pixels (binned 1×1)
    Pixel size: 7.4x7.4μm
    Peak QE: 55%

    Filters: Luminance, Red, Green, Blue, Hα

    Image Scale: TBC
    North Angle: 0° (North-Up)
    Angular Size: 1° 24' 00" x 1° 00' 00" (Field-Of-View)
C1WF System specification
Observatory Location
  • Santa Martina Observatory, La Dehesa, Santiago, Chile.
    Latitude: S33.269 (S33° 16' 8.4")
    Longitude: W070.534 (W070° 32' 2.4")
    Altitude: 1450m (4756ft)
    Timezone: CLST
    Minor Planet Center Code: W88

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