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Thank you for joining, and welcome to Slooh! 

Please allow me to introduce myself--I am Paul Cox, the Slooh Community Manager. I am also Slooh’s Observatory Engineer, and you’ll hear me from time to time as a host during one of our live events. But right now, my job is to help you get involved in Slooh astronomy projects that are of interest to you.


If you are willing to take a moment to fill out a short survey about your interests and experience, I will review your responses and make recommendations of workshops you should consider joining. Slooh workshops are one way to collaborate and learn on specific topics of interest, such as tracking asteroids or astrophotography. You’ll also find many other ways to access how-to information and socialize with members, including forming your own groups.


To complete the survey, please click here.


To jump right in, please click here to login to your account with your email address as the username and the password you chose.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at paul@slooh.com.


Warm regards,


Paul Cox

Slooh Community Manager

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