$24.95 PER MONTH

Robotic control of Slooh's three telescopes in the northern (Canary Islands) and southern hemispheres (Chile)

Schedule time and point the telescopes at any object in the night sky. You can make up to five reservations at a time in five or ten minute increments depending on the observatory. There are no limitations on the total number of reservations you can book in any quarter.

Capture, collect, and share images, including PNG and FITS files. You can view and take images from any of the 250+ "missions” per night, including those scheduled by other members.

Watch hundreds of hours of live and recorded space shows with expert narration featuring 10+ years of magical moments in the night sky including eclipses, transits, solar flares, NEA, comets, and more.

See and discuss highlights from the telescopes, featuring member research, discoveries, animations, and more.

Join groups with experts and fellow citizen astronomers to learn and discuss within areas of interest, from astrophotography and tracking asteroids to exoplanets and life in the Universe.

Access Slooh’s Knowledge Base with step by step how-to instructions to master the art and science of astronomy.
Slooh bills on a quarterly basis. Once you activate your account, your credit card will be charged $74.85 for quarterly membership dues ($24.95/MO). There are no charges over and above your quarterly membership dues.

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