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Slooh This Week

Welcome to "Slooh This Week," a showcase of celestial activity on Slooh! Each week, we'll review highlights of activity on Slooh and preview what's coming next in the night sky, all with an eye toward helping you capture objects for Quests. In Student Spotlight, we'll showcase the best of student work, in the form of Quest Posters and Observations, or anything students create and publish using Slooh. Past Student Spotlight selections are featured here. We plan to turn this into a competition with certifications and awards.


Week of April 8, 2024

Week 15

Slooh member? Watch the video on the Slooh platform, engage in discussion, and learn more. If you'd like to be featured in the Student Spotlight, please submit content here.

Featured in this Week's Video:

Discover Slooh's Summer School learning program, perfect for grades 4-8. Designed by industry experts, these Quests are perfect for summer learning and intended to excite students about astronomy and teach them how to think like an astronomer. Learn more at Slooh for Summer School

Student Spotlight

This week's student observation showcases two submissions. User Paysen from Swift Water Elementary School shared a fascinating observation of the Orion Nebula with a peculiar spinning satellite going through the image.

The second comes from Natrona County Schools teacher and Casper Planetarium supervisor, Rob Kennedy, who shared an observation from a custom Quest he designed for his students. In this Quest, students are tasked to map out the location of various stars they capture on the famous H-R Diagram.

Copy of a completed student Quest poster designed by an astronomy educator & Slooh user for their 9th grade students. Shows a spectral range of celestial objects.

If you want to have your work featured in an upcoming student spotlight segment, make sure you capture and share your observations and comments to the community observation board. Student Spotlight selections are featured here.

The Week Ahead

Lunar Observations: The moon starts this week as a New Moon, responsible for the total solar eclipse on April 8th, then becomes a waxing crescent Moon for the remainder of the week.

Member tip: There are special missions scheduled of the incredibly young thin sliver of a crescent on Wednesday.

Planetary Observations: No planets are visible this week as Jupiter and Uranus have joined the others and are too close to the sun to observe. The dwarf planet Pluto is visible in the night sky.

Deep Sky Objects: With virtually no moonlight to brighten the night sky, it is an ideal time to capture very faint objects -- especially fainter nebulae and galaxies.

Featured Quests:

'The Total Solar Eclipse 2024' Moments Quest, designed to support student learning from the 2024 Great American Eclipse Star Party, is available for users to complete. The Quest tasks students to capture and compile images of the eclipse.

Top Tip:

Submit your work with an image and caption to the community board for your chance to be featured in any upcoming Slooh This Week release.


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