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Collect and Analyze Space Phenomena from Your Classroom

NGSS-aligned curricula and educator guides support integrating astronomy into any class, even if you don’t have much time to study it.

Observatory Partner

Observatory Partner

Curriculum Partner

"With Slooh's Online Telescope my students are finally able to "do" astronomy in an authentic, hands-on way befitting of a science course.”

Greg Schwanbeck | Westwood High School

“I like the variety of Quests, both in topics and level of difficulty.”

Theresa Rodriguez | San Antonio STEM Magnet

“I don't like online, kids spend too much time in front of screens, but Slooh is the exception."

Shawn Laatschs | University of Maine

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Slooh in Action

Introduction to Exploring Space with Slooh


You are never too old or too young to start, but the learning materials are designed for 4th grade to higher education, so age nine to adult.


Subscription comes with five accounts: one master account and four sub-accounts. Feel free to invite your family and friends. (Not included with Advanced Amateur Astronomer account)

Slooh's telescopes are much better quality and have automated cameras attached to them which are necessary to see faint objects in space. Slooh's online telescopes are also situated on mountain tops above the clouds and away from light pollution, problems that make exploring space impossible for most people. You'll be learning to control telescopes just like professional astronomers, via a computer interface, which will help you get into college or join the Space Force someday. Plus, you won't be doing it alone--you'll find support from a worldwide community exploring space together.

About Slooh

Slooh's Raison D'être

Our mission to connect humanity through communal exploration of the Universe. Learn how and why.

How to Use Slooh in 3 Steps

  1. Submit at right to claim your free account and our education team will follow up with account credentials. College astronomy professors only, please.

  2. ​​​Your account will include a link to distribute to your students for them to purchase accounts that will be associated with your account as per the pricing options below. (To purchase for your students​​​, ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Get a Quote.​​​​​​)

  3. ​​​Review and assign some or all of Slooh's College Astronomy Quest learning activities to your students. These will appear in their interface upon logging in.​​​​​​ 

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Buy for Your Students

Middle School Science

$99+ $15 per student per year

Main Features Include:

  • Access all 60+ Quest learning activities including those aligned for middle school science

  • Access to Slooh's Online Telescope for the entire school year

  • Basic telescope reservations for the top 1,000 objects in space

One educator license + student accounts

The Curriculum

Designed For Middle School Science

You can assign to your students the following Quest learning activities which are NGSS-aligned for middle school science and can be completed in a few days.

Nifty Nebulae

Discover the mechanisms behind the different kinds of nebulae using examples they capture in Slooh's Online Telescope.

Curriculum Alignment: NGSS PE: MS-PS4-2, 4-PS4-2 | NGSS DCI: PS4.B, PS3.A, PS3.B | CCSS Literacy: RST.6-8.1, RST.6-8.2, RST.6-8.3, RST.6-8.4, RST.6-8.7, RST.6-8.10, WHST.6-8.2.B, WHST.6-8.2.D, WHST.6-8.2.E, WHST.6-8.2.F

Light: Language of Astronomy

Learn about and capture examples of celestial objects where light is absorbed, reflected, and generated from ionized gas emission and incandescence.

Curriculum Alignment: NGSS PE: MS-PS4-2 | NGSS DCI: PS4.A, PS4.B | CCSS Literacy: RST.6-8.1, RST.6-8.2, RST.6-8.3, RST.6-8.4, RST.6-8.7, RST.6-8.10

The Moon - Lunar Phases

Capture the seven phases of the Moon while learning about each phase and the reasoning behind their changing appearance.

Curriculum Alignment: NGSS PE: MS-ESS1-1 | NGSS DCI: ESS1.A, ESS1.B | CCSS Literacy: RST.6-8.1, RST.6-8.2, RST.6-8.3, RST.6-8.4, RST.6-8.5, RST.6-8.10, WHST.6-8.2.D, WHST.6-8.2.E, WHST.6-8.2.F

Mystery of the Changing Moon

Capture the seven phases of the Moon while learning more about each phase than in Lunar Phases, including solar and lunar eclipses.

Curriculum Code: NGSS PE: MS-ESS1-1 | NGSS DCI: ESS1.A, ESS1.B | CCSS Literacy: RST.6-8.1, RST.6-8.2, RST.6-8.4, RST.6-8.5, RST.6-8.9, RST.6-8.10, WHST.6-8.2.D, WHST.6-8.2.E, WHST.6-8.2.F

Exploring Star Clusters

Learn about and capture different types of star clusters to understand their essential characteristics and physical features.

Curriculum Alignment: NGSS PE: MS-ESS1-2 | NGSS DCI: ESS1.A, PS2.A | CCSS Literacy: RST.6-8.1, RST.6-8.2, RST.6-8.3, RST.6-8.4, RST.6-8.5, RST.6-8.6, RST.6-8.10, WHST.6-8.2.B, WHST.6-8.2.D, WHST.6-8.2.E

In the Footsteps of Clyde Tombaugh

Use the same techniques as Tombaugh to identify Pluto and create an animated GIF showing it moving against the Milky Way galaxy's rich backdrop of stars.

Curriculum Alignment: NGSS PE: HS-ESS1-4 | NGSS DCI: ESS1.B | CCSS Literacy: RST.9-10.1, RST.9-10.2, RST.9-10.3, RST.9-10.4, RST.9-10.5, RST.9-10.6, RST.9-10.7, RST.9-10.10, WHST.9-10.2.D, WHST.9-10.2.E, WHST.9-10.2.F

Mystery of the Island Universes

Two trillion glowing islands of stars, floating in the black void of the observable cosmos—each a unique galaxy in its own right. Discover how Edwin Hubble helped us begin to make sense of this vast galactic zoo and tame the animals that live there.

Curriculum Alignment: NGSS PE: HS-ESS1-2 | NGSS DCI: ESS1.A | CCSS Literacy: RST.9-10.1, RST.9-10.2, RST.9-10.3, RST.9-10.4, RST.9-10.5, RST.9-10.7, RST.9-10.10, WHST.9-10.2.D, WHST.9-10.2.E, WHST.9-10.2.F

Our Radiant Star

Learn about the Sun's surface features by capturing them over 3 days with Slooh's Canary Five Solar Telescope and discover how light is generated in the core and makes its way to space.

Curriculum Alignment: NGSS PE: HS-PS1-8, HS-ESS1-1, HS-ESS1-3 | NGSS DCI: ESS1.A, PS1.C, PS3.D, PS4.B | CCSS Literacy: RST.9-10.1, RST.9-10.2, RST.9-10.4, RST.9-10.5, RST.9-10.7, RST.9-10.9, RST.9-10.10, WHST.9-10.2.E, WHST.9-10.2.F, WHST.9-10.10