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Help Students Reach for the Stars

Slooh partners with observatories, planetariums, schools, STEM networks, the aerospace industry, edtechs, and the media to create and distribute its education programs. 

Slooh is helping to build the future space workforce

Space and earth science deserve a place in school curricula. That’s why the White House recently announced support for space education to prepare the future workforce.




NGSS aligned

Biology is taught with microscopes and astronomy with telescopes. Although it hasn’t been practical for schools to set up their own telescopes, online telescopes make the study of space accessible for everyone.
  • Teachers require tools to investigate space phenomena.
  • Slooh enables students to collect and analyze data under different conditions to provide evidence to support claims they make about phenomena.
  • Slooh’s NGSS-aligned learning activities can fit any schedule or budget.

Public Outreach

​​In 2008, Slooh pioneered live video coverage of celestial events, illuminating the wonders of the cosmos for hundreds of millions of people. These free live streams showcase astronomical phenomena in real time, which has helped foster a global community of stargazers and space enthusiasts. With our mobile observatory, Slooh has traveled to Kenya, the Faroe Islands, Indonesia, Iceland, Australia, and Alaska, and we’ve also partnered with observatories in Arizona, Japan, Hawaii, Cypress, Dubai, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, and more in order to broadcast live feed of comets, transits, eclipses, solar activity, and potentially hazardous asteroids (PHAs). Our feeds are syndicated to media outlets worldwide, including TIME, National Geographic, Wired, ABC News, The New York Times, and The New Yorker. In recognition of our public service, Slooh signed a Space Act Agreement with NASA and was celebrated with a dedicated Google Doodle.

Privacy Statement

We use industry-standard SSL to ensure that student data is encrypted and transmitted securely from end to end. We make every effort to comply with: 
Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Family Educations Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Independent Study Programs

Slooh facilitates a variety of independent study programs in citizen science, workforce development, and science communications. Among many options, students can:
  • create a portfolio of their work and learn to publish articles in science journals.
  • form and manage an astronomy club to engage all students, teachers, and parents in your community.
  • create a poster for your science fair and Slooh's Astronomy Fair competition
  • learn to host live and recorded celestial Star Parties 
  • learn from industry professionals to develop skills for the space workforce

Astronomy is the gateway science

  • 86% of students say Slooh has increased their interest in science.
  • Students who study space are more likely to pursue a STEM career.
  • Space exploration inspires learning in science, math, literacy, and art.
  • Astronomy is the oldest science and of fundamental interest to all humans.

Any teacher, even those without a background in science or astronomy, can easily lead space investigations with Slooh’s integrated support. We equip teachers with the knowledge and confidence to facilitate space exploration with learners of all ages.

Professional Development

On-Demand Resources

With a mix of articles and videos, your team will find the resources they need to master the platform independently.

On-Site PD

Work with a member of Slooh Crew for 3 hours at your site to get up to 25 educators from orientation to adoption and beyond.

Live, Virtual PD

For individuals and groups of up to 40, log in for 90 minutes with a member of Slooh Crew to navigate through the platform together.

Any teacher, even those without a background in science or astronomy, can easily lead space investigations with Slooh’s integrated support.

Slooh astronomers provide teacher support

Teacher training

Get classrooms exploring quickly with short training videos, teacher support webinars, and professional development.

Teacher administration

Learning activities include teacher guides, lesson plans, student assignment, formative and summative assessment.

Gamified learning

Exploration badges and gravity points entice student-learning while making it easy for teachers to monitor student progress.

Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands

National Science Foundation

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile


Connecticut Innovations

Region 12 Schools

Brownsville ISD

West Sound
STEM Network

"For states that want to develop a workforce prepared to explore space as one of their economic strategies, Slooh is a must curriculum. Slooh helps students prepare for careers in space that we cannot even imagine."

Susan Tave Zelman
Former State Superintendent of Public Education, Ohio

“Slooh brings the wonder, excitement, and dreams children associate with space exploration and the cosmos directly into every classroom.”

Dr. David Goldblatt
Former Superintendent of Saddle River School District, NJ

Contact Slooh
 Please fill out the form so we can direct your partnership inquiry to the appropriate person. 
Thank you for helping us lead students into space!

Slooh’s learning progression for school districts

Students learn to explore space like professional astronomers via computer interface. With hands-on, age-appropriate experiential learning, Slooh takes students beyond simulation to collect and analyze their own data as they master a new, real-world environment.

Paths of Exploration

Space is a vast wilderness. Slooh is like a national park with trails and guides.






Student-led Space Explorers Club

High school students form and manage a school district-wide club as an independent study project to engage all students, teachers and parents in your community. It is like a school newspaper led by students and maintained from year to year under the supervision of a teacher/administrator. Slooh will mentor club leaders with younger students in apprenticeship roles as elementary and middle school representatives.

With Slooh’s district license, all students, teachers and parents have access including:
  • Live Star Parties featuring amazing celestial events
  • Independent study programs in citizen science, careers in space and science communications
  • Classroom research projects and science fair poster creation
  • Summer school offered directly to students on Slooh
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