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Partner with Slooh to Make Space Exploration Possible for All Students in Your Community

Equal access to a future in STEM for any student at every school in your network

STEM Partner

STEM Partner

Planetarium Partner

"Our partnership with Slooh is and has been highly inspirational for our teachers and students."

Dr. Kareen Borders, West Sound STEM Network

“Slooh taught me lessons on celestial coordinates and astrophotography which will carry into my career goal as an astrophysicist"

Michelle Park | rising freshman, Stanford

“I don't like online, kids spend too much time in front of screens, but Slooh is the exception"

Shawn Laatschs | Jordan Planetarium, U. of Maine 

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Success Stories 

Slooh in Action

Learn How Professors Use Slooh in College Introductory Astronomy


No! That’s the great thing about Slooh - students can conduct observations of celestial objects during school hours.

It’s easy for educators to post assignments on Slooh through their existing LMS such as Google Classroom in just the same way they would post any other web-based content.

Slooh’s intuitive interface and quick start activities make it easy for students to start exploring the cosmos right away. To support educators in integrating Slooh into their existing curriculum, we offer a library of standards-aligned activities for multiple grade levels, free professional development throughout the academic year (including a customized kick-off session just for educators in your network), and access to a global community of educators using Slooh in their classrooms.

Yes! Our team is happy to work with you to design a package that’s right for your goals and budget. 

Slooh makes every effort to protect student data by complying with federal student data privacy regulations including COPPA and FERPA. For our European users, we also comply with GDPR.

Space Exploration Grants

Slooh's Commitment to Reach All Students

As the result of ever increasing light pollution, 80% of Earth's population live in cities and don't even see the stars. Many schools lack the funding or access to specialized equipment needed to offer opportunities to study astronomy or other STEM fields. Slooh is committed to democratizing space, making sure all students have the ability to explore the wonders of their universe regardless of their location or resources.


Help Slooh replace city lights with starlights by bringing Space Exploration Grants to Title 1 schools in your community. With your help, we can ensure that all students have the freedom and confidence to aspire toward exciting STEM careers in the new space age.

As a Slooh partner, your organization will join a thriving worldwide community of educators on the cutting edge of interactive astronomy education. Together we are making significant strides in engaging diverse students in space exploration, simultaneously building their capacity to ask and answer their own questions using scientific methods.


Please complete the form at the right to let us know you’re interested in learning more about becoming a Slooh partner, and we’ll be in touch soon to schedule a meeting.


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School Offers

All Access
Curriculum Quests

$99 + $15 per student per year

Main Features Include:

  • Access all 60+ Quest learning activities for entire school year

  • Access to Slooh's Online Telescope

  • Telescope reservations for top 1,000 objects​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • ​Free 1:1 account matching for Title 1 schools in participating districts​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • For educators with a semester/year to teach astronomy

One educator license + student accounts

K12 Science Curriculum Quests

$99 per educator per year

Main Features Include:

  • Access 6+ grade-level appropriate learning activities for all your students/classes

  • Access to Slooh's Online Telescope

  • Telescope reservations for top 1,000 objects​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • ​Free 1:1 account matching for Title 1 schools in participating districts

  • For educators with a limited time to teach astronomy

One educator including student accounts

Let us help you determine which of our curriculum and account packages is right for the schools in your network.


Partner Benefits

Bring Affordable Space Exploration To All Schools In Your Network

We’ve created a comprehensive solution for our partners that will unlock astronomy education for every student and educator in your network.

We make sure every educator can confidently teach astronomy.

Too often, a lack of specialized training in astronomy prevents educators from including in-depth explorations of celestial phenomena in their curriculum. With Slooh’s intuitive interface, comprehensive educator guides and free professional development sessions, any teacher or student, no matter their background, can confidently lead a sophisticated astronomy investigation.

We have activities to support every school in your network.

Just like microscopes, our online telescope is a tool that will grow with students from middle school to college, deepening their understanding of and capacity to explore the universe. With 60+ NGSS-aligned inquiry-based activities and a thriving global community of STEM educators inspiring us to create more every day, Slooh has something for every secondary and higher education STEM class.

We are committed to equal access to space, no matter your budget.

Astronomy is a gateway science, and like you, we want to make sure every student has the chance to get hooked by this amazing branch of science. That’s why we’ve created a variety of account and curriculum packages for every school’s needs and budget to make sure all students and educators have equitable access to space.

Students Learn to Explore Space like Astronomers

Gamified Exploration

Exploration badges and Gravity Points entice students to learn and share their knowledge with classmates.

Learning Activities

60+ Quests to guide and inspire including teacher assignment, formative assessment, and student progress monitoring.

Training Included

Teachers and students get started exploring quickly with activities, training videos, and teacher guides.  

Using laptops, tablets, or mobile devices, teachers and students control online telescopes to capture and analyze data about real celestial phenomena.

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Our mission to connect humanity through communal exploration of the Universe. Learn how and why.