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Slooh is developing the next-generation space workforce while providing equitable access to the new space economy.


We are space for everyone.


Slooh’s mission supports our vision and how we plan to realize it

Slooh makes it possible for anyone to learn to explore space.  Students and educators from kindergarten to college control live telescopes and other scientific instruments to prepare themselves for a future in space and careers in STEM.


Slooh binds people together through communal exploration of the universe. We believe that space is the ideal context to acknowledge our common journey on this planet and strengthen global fellowship and citizenship.


Slooh is not just for future rocket scientists. We nurture learning in all its variety and celebrate the imagination. We understand each student is on a personal path of discovery.

Personal Exploration

We believe in the authenticity of real investigation, prioritizing “live” experiences over simulations and animations, so that children can study the seasonal and ephemeral ebb and flow of the universe. Once children see the majesty of space for themselves, the mind’s eye is forever lit.

Authentic Investigation

We empower people to teach each other about space while maintaining high standards of social etiquette and privacy. Every new participant improves the value of the service.

Cooperative Learning

We are not afraid of the dark. We believe in the power of being outside at night, far away from human light. Find a dark sky near you.

Darkness is Divine

The universe is closer than you think. See it live; see it together.

Reach for the Stars

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