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Our Commitment to Student Data Privacy

All persons under the age of 13 require permission from a parent/legal guardian, whether individually or through their school, before using this website or app or contacting us. You must be 18 or older to purchase a subscription to Slooh. We do not sell, market, or advertise directly to students or minors.

The collection of student information is used only for educational purposes in the case that a teacher will have administrative overview of their student(s). We do not create or keep student profiles for non-educational purposes. We do not sell or share information to third parties. We will not contact an individual student. Student identification is also not shared publicly on We do not retain student personal information for longer than necessary to deliver services or for school purposes. We use de-identified data to improve learning opportunities.

We collect student first and last names and email address when you subscribe to Slooh. A parent/legal guardian’s email address may be used in place of a child’s. If you contact us, we may use your email address to respond to your inquiry and to communicate with you when necessary to provide customer service and/or follow-up information related to your account. In addition, we may email you occasionally to notify you of special events such as live shows within Names and email addresses are not made visible to other members of the community nor displayed anywhere on 

We do not collect a student’s postal address. The only postal address associated with your account will be that of the purchaser (i.e. the educator, school, or district).

We support the parental right to access their student’s education records upon request. We also support the parental right to directly access and delete any data about children under the age of 13.  We will never request a child’s precise location without obtaining verified parental consent.

Teachers have an administrative overview where they can monitor student accounts, student work, and student interaction within their private club.

Students cannot communicate privately nor publicly with any other member of Slooh that is not in their private club. Students cannot communicate with other students outside of their own school unless approved by the school/educator in advance.

Students do not have the ability to participate in third-party site social sharing (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram sharing buttons are removed for students). 

We will never share identifiable data without your permission. We will never sell student data to a third party. We do not allow ad networks to target “Interest-Based Ads” on our services, and we will never sell anything to a student or child under 13.

We will only contract with future companies that are consistent with Pledge principles or allow users a choice to send information to the future entity.

Slooh uses industry-standard SSL to ensure that student data is encrypted and transmitted securely from end to end.

Slooh makes every effort to ensure compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) policies, the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We will provide notice to users via their email address on file and/or via a banner on,, before making any material changes to our Privacy Policy. Your consent to the changes is given by continuing the first time you log in following the change.

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