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VIP Invitations to Exclusive Star Parties 

Join us for live streams hosted by Slooh astronomers featuring popular celestial events including eclipses, asteroids, solar flares and more.

Lunar Eclipse

Watch our Moon fall into Earth's shadow and turn red in color

Volatile Sun

Capture massive outbursts of energy on the Sun

Jupiter Opposition

Create a time-lapse animation of Jupiter when it's closest to Earth

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Calling All Explorers to Space

Discover why Slooh's Online Telescope is recognized as a revolutionary innovation providing you access to space from your own home.



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Telescope Control

60 + Quests

Gamified Learning

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An Award Winning Platform

"This winner is out of this world! Perfect for remote learning and collaboration, educators describe it as the complete package"

"Slooh brings the wonders of space exploration to students around the world."

Funded and supported by The National Science Foundation

Selected as one of the top ed-tech organizations.


Launch Into Space

The Online Telescope

Powerful enough for serious amateur astronomers. Easy enough for beginners to follow in the footsteps of the greatest explorers.

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Explore Space Like an Astronomer



Each subscription to The Online Telescope comes with five accounts: one master account and four sub accounts. Feel free to invite your family and friends.

You are never too old or too young to start, but the learning materials are designed for 4th grade to higher education, so age nine to adult.

Slooh's telescopes are much better quality and have automated cameras attached to them which are necessary to see faint objects in space. Slooh's online telescopes are also situated on mountain tops above the clouds and away from light pollution, problems that make exploring space impossible for most people. You'll be learning to control telescopes just like professional astronomers, via a computer interface, which will help you get into college or join the Space Force someday. Plus, you won't be doing it alone--you'll find support from a worldwide community exploring space together.

Gamified Learning

Capture the 1,000 most unique objects in space. Complete guided exploration Quests to earn badges and Gravity Points.


A Community of Explorers

Join fellow Earthlings from 70+ countries to share moments of wonder together.

Comet Leonard really is a lovely surprise, with the intense green glow of its coma, dust tail, and the unique shape of its ion tail. And now, a few days before Christmas, it looks like a huge Christmas Tree adorned with a giant green bauble! - Cameron McEwing, New Zealand, Dec 21st, 2021