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Introducing Slooh Student Spotlight

Slooh is on a mission to showcase the best of student work and emphasize the importance of science communication. Our goal is to promote space education within your school community and beyond. We are developing tools to make it easier to share your work. For now, please submit links to student work below. 

In the spirit of encouraging students to learn from each other on the platform, we want to share student perspectives about space and recognize those who are doing it in novel ways using Slooh. Eventually, we plan to create an Astronomy Fair competition to showcase all of the work with certifications of achievement and awards.

Every week we will create a video to highlight the most compelling things to see on Slooh including student work. We are looking for imagination, analysis, originality, and anything that fits within STEAM. Teachers or students can submit links to student work such as Observations or Posters. You may also share work created on other platforms such as this TikTok made by a Slooh high school student intern. We will reshare these posts for the wider community in various ways, including social media. Note: Student privacy will be protected in every case. 

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