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How To Watch The Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

Slooh’s May 15, 2022, Star Party Offers Free Livestream along with Commentary of Spectacular “Blood Moon” Space Phenomenon

Media, amateur astronomers, students, and families alike can witness the event via Slooh’s professional-grade online telescopes

Slooh, the pioneer in offering live online telescope feeds of major celestial events along with expert commentary to individuals and school communities worldwide, will be live streaming the upcoming Blood Moon space phenomenon on Sunday, May 15, 2022, at 9:30 pm EDT as the moon goes into a complete Lunar Eclipse. The Star Party is led by engaging Slooh science experts who will interview special guests throughout the event and make the science and awe of a “Blood Moon” accessible to all, from the amateur astronomer to the middle school science teacher.

Image of a partial blood moon lunar eclipse taken by Slooh telescopes
Partial Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse with Slooh Telescopes

To watch Slooh’s live stream, participants can watch on Slooh’s YouTube channel, Twitter, or Facebook. The best time to join the event is 23:30 -00:30 EDT on May 15th to catch the Full Lunar Eclipse.

During the online event, participants might get the chance to witness up close the May’s Full Flower Moon turn from white to a stunning red rose color during a total lunar eclipse being captured by Slooh’s Online Telescope.

Slooh experts will dive into the phenomenon’s captivating science, explaining what is happening during the penumbral phase to the partial phase to the total phase, which lasts for 1 hour and 19 minutes. Existing Slooh members can then go to Slooh's Discord server for a member-led Star Party to watch the later partial and penumbral phases, as well as to chat with fellow participants across the globe about the phenomenon. Unique to Slooh's live streams, members can additionally snap their own photos of the event to commemorate the phenomenon or to create a poster or GIF of the event. Non-members can purchase a membership beforehand to join in and capture their very own images.

A diagram depicting the phases of a lunar eclipse including before, penumbral, partial and total eclipse
The phases of the Lunar Eclipse

“Participants will be able to watch as the moon turns shades of pink, peach, and, if we're lucky, red – it will be quite spectacular,” said Paul Cox, Slooh astronomer. “Just like with all of our free live streams and Star Parties, our goal with the upcoming Blood Moon event is to make space exploration and scientific learning widely accessible and engaging for the entire community.”

For the last 13 years, Slooh has been a leader in live online streaming solar eclipses and other celestial events such as lunar eclipses, near-Earth asteroids, meteor showers, supernovae, planetary transits, conjunctions, and more. These live streams have been featured by major media outlets, including Google Doodle, and contributed to numerous space-related articles.

Image of the Full Moon provided by Slooh for the Google Doodle
Slooh GIF of the Moon used by Google

In addition to supporting amateur astronomers and space enthusiasts, Slooh’s Online Telescope for Teachers is used in schools worldwide to help students experience the wonders of space from their classroom and home computers just like a professional astronomer. This award-winning technology was recently named a finalist in the 2022 Bett Awards, as well as a winner of the Educators Pick Best of STEMTM 2021 awards by Catapult X, the National Science Teaching Association (NSTA), and MCH Strategic Data. Slooh was also named an “Elite 200” startup by the 2022 ASU-GSV Summit.

Slooh recently launched The Online Telescope for Families to enable families to explore, capture, and analyze more than 1,000 of the best, real-world space objects and events using Slooh’s learning platform and network of online telescopes.

To learn more about Slooh, visit The About Page.


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