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It's Supermoon Season & Slooh is Celebrating with a Star Party!

The Full Sturgeon moon returns to the night sky on August 1st, 2023 - and you can watch it LIVE and capture your own images of it on Slooh’s website! Slooh will be hosting a live Star Party on Tuesday, August 01, at 7 PM EDT (23:00UTC). This Full Sturgeon moon also happens to be a supermoon! Supermoons can appear up to 14% larger and 30% brighter than a Micro Full Moon. They often create a visually striking sight, especially when they coincide with events such as moonrises or moonset, and we’re getting set to have two of them in a row! Check out another upcoming Supermoon here: Full Blue Supermoon

Each month, the Full Moon is given a different name, depending on the season, and usually assigned by settlers or native peoples of the area. According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, the name “Full Sturgeon Moon” was given to this month’s moon by Native American tribes of the Great Lakes region. The hunters and fishermen of the region knew that Sturgeon fish were most easily caught at this time of year. Other native people called the August moon the "Full Green Corn Moon" or the "Blueberry Moon".

This August happens to be quite special - as it will feature two Full Moons! The second Full Moon that occurs at the end of August, is also known as a blue moon. And that blue moon? Well it also happens to be a Supermoon! Wow! Check out more about that here: Full Blue Supermoon.

Slooh will be celebrating this Full Sturgeon Supermoon with a LIVE Star party. During our broadcast, we’ll gaze on live views of the Full Moon through our telescopes in the Canary Islands and Chile, while our Slooh astronomers and community experts discuss some of the more interesting features of our closest celestial neighbor. We will also have guests on hand who will tell us about the fascinating folklore and history surrounding the August full sturgeon moon. It is sure to be a swimmingly good time!


Slooh will be hosting a live Star Party the night of Tuesday, August 01, at 7 PM EDT (23:00UTC) with commentary and telescope views of the Full Sturgeon Moon. All members can watch live on the show page or join the Zoom Webinar to ask questions and participate!

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