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Ring of Fire Annular Eclipse

Slooh is excited to announce our LIVE broadcast of the 2023 “Ring of Fire” annual eclipse with live telescope feeds! The show commences on October 14 at 11 AM EDT (15:00UTC).

An annular solar eclipse occurs when the moon is close to apogee (furthest from the earth in its elliptical orbit) and passes between the sun and the earth. The moon’s size appears smaller than the sun so only the central portion of the sun’s disk is obscured. An outer ring of the sun remains visible around the moon’s silhouette – this is the “annulus”, meaning “little ring” or “ring-shaped”. It’s a breathtaking sight to behold, and we encourage you to try and see it!

Annular solar eclipses take place when these three events occur together:

  1. It's a new moon

  2. The moon is close to “apogee” – when the moon is furthest from the earth in its elliptical orbit and appears smaller than the sun.

  3. The moon is very close to a “lunar node” meaning the earth, moon and sun are aligned in a straight line (called syzygy).

diagram showing the science behind an annular solar eclipse

To witness the incredible ring of fire, you must observe the eclipse within the 125-mile-wide path of annularity. For this particular eclipse, the path starts over the Pacific Ocean and then makes landfall in Oregon. The path continues through Texas before heading south to Brazil. Slooh’s astronomers have traveled the globe to live stream solar and lunar eclipses - sometimes to remote locations such as the heart of Africa, Indonesia, and remote islands in the North Sea! The October 2023 ring of fire eclipse is far closer to home and easier to witness! Thousands of people will travel to be within the narrow "path of totality," where they will witness the awe inspiring ring of fire, along with the fascinating phenomena that many observers miss.

Map showing the path of annularity in Canada the USA and Mexico


Slooh will be hosting a live Star Party the morning of Saturday, October 14 at 11 AM EDT (15:00UTC) with commentary and live telescope views of the Ring of Fire annular eclipse. Everyone can watch on Slooh’s social channels, and members can interact with Slooh’s experts and capture images from the live telescope feeds.


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