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The Great American Total Solar Eclipse – Experience Slooh’s Live Coverage from the LBJ Ranch

Slooh, the pioneer of live celestial event programming, is thrilled to announce our live coverage of the upcoming Great American Total Solar Eclipse on April 8, 2024 starting at 1:00 PM EDT (17:00 UTC). Whether you're an avid stargazer, a curious mind, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of the cosmos, mark your calendars for this extraordinary event.

Slooh Members can register to watch the live feed on the Slooh app. Not yet a member? Discover Slooh

Non-Members can still watch via our live feed on YouTube.

A map of the eclipse as it passes over the continental united states, pointing out national parks in the path of totality

Equipped with state-of-the-art, high-resolution telescopes on site and feed partners all along the path of totality, Slooh will provide a three-hour, live broadcast of the event, hosted from the LBJ Ranch in Texas by Slooh’s Chief Eclipse Chaser, Paul Cox. Mr. Cox has covered total solar eclipses all over the world, including Kenya, Indonesia, and Idaho. 

Beginning at 1:00 PM EDT (17:00 UTC) viewers can expect a captivating, educational experience for learners of all ages. The event is free for everyone and available to watch on Slooh’s social channels, while members can interact with Slooh’s experts and capture images from the live telescope feeds through our app and complete our NEW! Moments Quest, Available April 1.

The Moments Quest is designed to support student learning from the 2024 Great American Eclipse Star Party. The Quest tasks students to capture images of the eclipse during the live Star Party, which is the only way to capture the images needed to complete it.

Slooh brings 15 years of experience sharing the magic of these events with audiences worldwide, which have been carried by leading publishers such as the New York Times, the New Yorker, and the Google Doodle. 

“We cover celestial events in a way that reflects our dedication to astronomy education,” said Michael Paolucci, Founder and CEO of Slooh. “And no one has been doing this longer or is more authentic in sharing their appreciation of celestial wonders than Paul Cox.”    

Join us on April 8th from 1 PM EDT (17:00 UTC) to 4 PM EDT (20:00 UTC) for a celestial experience like no other.  

🔗 Link to the live stream:

We can't wait to share this magical experience with you.


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