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Slooh's Coverage of the 2024 Great American Eclipse!

The 2024 Great American Eclipse

On April 8, 2024, observers in North America will witness a spectacular total eclipse of the Sun. For those who missed the August 2017 eclipse, this is an opportunity to experience one of the most extraordinary celestial phenomena. Slooh will celebrate the LIVE event with coverage from Texas beginning at 12:30 PM EDT (16:30 UTC).

In their pioneering coverage of celestial events since 2009, Slooh’s astronomers have traveled the globe to livestream solar and lunar eclipses - sometimes to remote locations such as the heart of Africa, Indonesia, and remote islands in the North Sea. But the 2024 Great American Eclipse is far closer to home and easier to witness! Viewers across much of North America will observe a partial solar eclipse. However, thousands of people will travel to be within the narrow "path of totality," where they will witness a total solar eclipse, along with the fascinating phenomena that many observers miss.

Slooh astronomer Paul Cox said: "There is no comparison between seeing a partial solar eclipse versus totality - I strongly urge everyone to travel into the path of totality for a unique and mesmerizing experience. Every time I witness totality, it brings me to tears."

People in a field in Egypt during the 2013 eclipse.
Slooh 2013 Africa Eclipse Expedition

The Moon's umbral shadow first touches Earth's surface in the Pacific Ocean around 12:39 PM EDT (16:39 UTC) before racing eastward towards the coast of Mexico at 12:51 PM EDT (16:51 UTC). The 250 inhabitants of the tiny Mexican island of Socorro will be the first to witness totality on land at 1:12 PM EDT (17:12 UTC).

Map of 2024 Total solar eclipse over the United States

The path of totality then sweeps across North America from Texas to Maine, up to New Brunswick, and across to the east coast of Newfoundland and Labrador before heading into the Atlantic Ocean and finally leaving Earth's surface around 3:55 PM EDT (19:55 UTC).

During totality, the Moon is aligned perfectly with the Sun revealing the Sun's outer atmosphere, known as the corona. As darkness descends, all that can be seen is a delicate halo of light extending into space. Witnesses describe the experience as a mesmerizing and unforgettable experience.

The 2024 Great American Eclipse will be an exciting opportunity to witness one of nature's most awe-inspiring celestial events. If you can't be there in person, join our team of experts and members for Slooh's LIVE coverage and commentary of this spectacular event!


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